Haunted Places In Delhi

“One winter early morning, I was feeling uneasy at my home. I woke up at 4:35 AM so I decided to go for a morning walk alone. I was all alone in the park. When I was walking alone I got a shrill voice coming from nowhere. All of a sudden, I came across a halt. When I was entertaining the thoughts of such a voice, I saw a thin-layered gigantic human-like body having extensively big eyes & body size. When I saw that big white body, I was completely in the world of hypnotism.   Mind that! I was on a secluded, shortcut route. When I was getting creepy, then I found my one buddy coming behind me & touching my shoulders. At that time, I shivered & screamed like hell. When my friend asked the reason behind shivering then I was all-blank that time. I noticed that the big human-like body was big black-eyed & white-colored. I took off from that place like bats out of hell & never went back there. From that day on, I never make fun of people considering haunted places in Delhi.

Is it spooky, right? Well, it is not the scene of some flick. It happened to me once in a while. I have heard such kinds of stories from Delhiites daily. There are several haunted places in Delhi for tourists among the hustle-bustle of this capital. Let me line up the most visited haunted places in Delhi where you can visit & can feel the presence of supernatural entities accordingly.

A few of the haunted places in Delhi are:

Delhi Cantonment, Southwest Delhi:

There is a middle-aged lady wrapped in the white sari asking for a lift at midnight. When you refuse then she keeps following your vehicle at a similar speed as a car. Ghost of a lady is having so many non-fulfill desires which she wants to fulfill anyhow. Her entities have scattered all over places & haunt people in different parts of the cantonment. Now, you can understand why the Delhi Cantonment regards as one of the best haunted places in Delhi to visit.

Lothian Cemetery:

the background of a graveyard is enough to spook you. Headless ghost is the main reason why people get feared in the short while. Ghost with beheaded posture has been spotted by so many visitors there. In fact, this is the reason why Lothian cemetery considers the best haunted place in Delhi. The ghost of a man is what raises fear in people.

Khooni Darwaza:

frustrated cries, blood-curdling yells can be found around this historical building. Here, you will hear various reasons behind the presence of such ghost. A few of them are: overhanging of freedom fighters by some Englishmen, cruel murder of 3 princes. There are so many things which will give you chills to your bones. All of a sudden, temp drop encounters, spirit, or entities presence may drop your jaws any time. Now you can understand why it calls as bloody Gate.

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Sanjay Van:

It is a kind of forest has scattered within 10 km for nature lovers or children. Here you will hear children with shrill laughs. An elder woman wrapped in a white sari may keep follow you in dark. You may experience apparition, temperature change. Some fearful moments— an echo of slaps, all of a sudden pushes, getting fog, trinkets disappearance may cause you to scream like hell.

Delhi Ridge Area:

Here you will get a ghost of a British Gentlemen having an old-school rifle that has been haunting around such place. You feel like you have been under the scanner by someone. In real¸ British men, the spirit is kept watching you. You may have experiences like slow network, not a single bird chirp there, sweet smell, etc. The main part is you can record a number of unexplained, unjustified disappearances in the area.

Khooni Nadi, Rohini:

It is the dangerous nadi ever. In a single scratch, you may be stuck inside. It is a khooni nadi which gulps everything down which dares to dig inside. You can feel the moments like an apparition, disappearance encounters, or temperature differences. Why it named as Bermuda triangle then come up to see the similarities between Bermuda triangle & the water body. So, have a visit!


Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, then you must give a visit to such haunted places in Delhi. Why I am saying so because here you can feel the supernatural presence of some entities in one way or another way. To know more about places, you need to read our daily content or stay connected with our travails. If you want to contact our travel specialists, avail online services. You have offered online services—feedback form, emailing, video call, live chat, live tutorial, FAQ, Q & A community.


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