May 24, 2023
How to start blogging in india.

How to Start Blogging in India and Make Money  

Hello companion, On the off chance that you are pondering to begin bringing in cash online in India through contributing to a blog and need to know how to start Blogging in India in 2023.

In this extreme aid, I will show you from starting to propel how to begin contributing to a blog in India and bring in cash quickly. 

In any case, you should believe that for what reason would it be a good idea for me I begin contributing to a blog in India AdSense or some other promotion network that pays an exceptionally low CPC in non-industrial nations like India? 

Indeed, this is correct that AdSense or some other promotion network pays next to no CPC in India and you may not be ready to make lots of cash through AdSense or some other advertisement organization. 

In any case, don’t be miserable this isn’t the genuine truth if you live in India, likewise, you can produce a decent sum. 

So, suppose on the off chance that you start a blog now how might it fill from now on? So, you are sitting tight to begin a blog now and to find success, buy into the warning. 

Presently we should get on to our topic   

How to Start Blogging in India  

To begin publishing content to a blog in India, first you need to finish a few fundamental advances that are vital. 

In any case, to begin contributing to a blog with the expectation of complimentary content, you can go with Blogger, which is thoroughly free.  

Basic Steps

STEP 1:  Your initial step is to purchase a domain name. Your domain name will be your remarkable location on the web that is utilized to find your blog.  

STEP2: Your next step is to purchase web hosting from a trusted web hosting organization. Do a profound exploration before choosing any hosting organization to host your site. 

Since hosting is a holder, if you pick some unacceptable hosting, your site’s information will be put away in a terrible compartment that implies you may not be ready to stand out anywhere in this cutthroat market.  

STEP 3: The last and final step is to pick a blog stage where you will make your site and begin publishing content on it. I recommend that you use WordPress because it is the most popular publishing platform for content on blog stages all over the world. 

You must now select a quick and beautiful theme for your WordPress website as well as your Blogger website.  

Best Blogging Theme

Topic assumes a significant role in positioning, client experience, and Google AdSense endorsement. 

Since the subject plays a significant role in your site’s stacking speed, which straightforwardly influences your positioning and 

Client experience because nobody needs to sit tight for quite a while, and if your site requires some investment to stack, no search engine will show your blog in query items. 

publishing content on a blog in India 

For WordPress, I will recommend that you utilize the Generate Press theme, which is the best topic for your blog and is additionally completely SEO optimized and AdSense friendly. 

This subject will likewise help you with positioning since it is SEO-optimised. 

For Blogger, I will prescribe that you utilize paper subjects; you can track them down anyplace on the web, however, ensure that the paper subject you will utilize is exceptional otherwise it will affect your stacking pace and positioning.  

Topics for Blogging in India  

I will impart to you 5 subjects or specialties that are going to fill quickly from now on and have exceptionally low competition in India. 

That implies that assuming you pick any of the subjects as a specialty of your blog and begin making content connected with that specific specialty, you can develop your blog quickly. 

Low rivalry implies that the inventory of content is low and there are requests. So, search engines like Google need to rank your substance in the query items since they have no other choices.   

Top 5 Topics for Blogging in India  

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Electric Vehicles  
  • Agriculture 
  • Cryptocurrency  
  • Government Schemes  

Keyword Research  

 Keyword research is the method involved with finding topics on which you will compose content. Finding a keyword is vital to getting natural traffic from search engines. 

Assume you have composed extremely lengthy, significant content carrying out the entirety of your endeavors. If no one is looking for that content, you will have zero traffic. 

On the off chance that you have made content on an exceptionally popular topic yet, there is a great deal of rivalry there, your new blog will stand out there. So, prior to composing content on any theme, you need to track down low-competition keywords. 

To do keyword research, I won’t recommend that you utilize paid tools that charge more than a few dollars each month. I will let you know a mysterious strategy to do advanced-level keyword research without utilizing any keyword research tool.  

Google Ads Keyword Research  

Open Google Ads, and in the event that you have not made an account yet, then, at that point, please sign up; it would cost you nothing. 

After you wrap up setting up your Google Ads account, open Devices and Settings and open the Keyword Planner. 

After you open keyword research, then, at that point, go to tap on find new keywords. 

After you click to find new keywords, you will track down this connection point. 

Presently, you can type any keyword and track down the keyword thoughts with an exact inquiry volume. Yet, the opposition isn’t precise on the grounds that this information is just for promoters and not really for you, so you need to physically track it down. 

Subsequent to getting a keyword, go to research search and enter that search word. 

See what sort of sites are positioning for that keyword; in the event that old sites are positioning for that search term, drop this keyword.  

After you find a keyword on which both established and new sites are focusing, you can compose content around that specific search term. This is my technique for doing keyword research, which will set aside some cash for you. 

Presently, you have figured out how to find keywords. Let us move to our subsequent stage.  

Content Creation  

You need to create significant content, offer some incentive to individuals, or tackle your guest’s inquiry. 

Try not to zero in on amount; simply center around quality since there is no deficiency of the amount of the substance on the web but a lack of value. 

There are more than 1.7 billion dynamic sites on the web; don’t get scared after seeing this huge number; you can take down this opposition by giving quality content. 

As a beginner, you may be attempting to get content ideas, so here are some resources that you can use to track down lots of content ideas soon.  

Content Ideas 

Go to Google or some other search engine that you use and type the topic you need, or basically type the name of your specialty and select the top 5 sites. 

Also, ask them what sort of happiness they are composing, and you will get a sense of what kind of satisfaction their clients are cherishing. 

You can likewise go to Ubersuggest and look for the keyword you need. 

Currently, click on happy thoughts, and you can find important substance thoughts connected with your keyword. 

Google Trends is likewise a decent spot to find trending content on Google. 

You can likewise utilize YouTube and Twitter to track down additional trending topics. There are more opportunities to effectively get a huge number of natural guests in the event that you compose content on trending topics. 

Using these techniques, you can generate a large number of content ideas in a single click.    


SEO (Search engine optimization) implies upgrading your content for search engines so that search engines can figure out your content and could rank your page in list items. 

Search engine optimization is vital, so you need to comprehend what SEO is, how it functions, and how you could advance your content for it.  

How to Earn Money from Blogging in India  

You can earn money from blogging in India in the following ways:-   

  • Advertisements  
  • Affiliate Marketing  
  • Selling Own Digital Products  
  • Guest Posting  
  • Selling Ad spaces  
  • Sponsored Post  


Advertisements are the primary income source for any content publisher since they are exceptionally easy to adapt. 

What’s more, you don’t need to hold on to get deals, which isn’t simple since selling items needs flawlessness and systems, which are difficult for beginners. 

Be that as it may, the case is far different in the advertisements; to earn money from advertisements, you simply have to get taps on ads and you will likewise get compensated for every 1,000 impressions. 

AdSense is the ad network that pays exceptionally high CPC and CPM to its distributor. No promotion network pays high CPCs and CPMs. 

The typical pay for bloggers from AdSense in India is 30,000 to 50,000. 

So, I suggest you adapt your blog to AdSense.  

Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting an item, and in the event that somebody purchases that item through your affiliate link, you will procure a commission. The more deals you produce, the more commission you will earn. 

To truly do affiliate marketing, you don’t need to bother with any measures; it is exceptionally simple. I will let you know about the commercial center where you can find a great many items with exceptionally high commission rates. 

I’m discussing Amazon, which pays an extremely low commission. Even at times, you will get less than one percent commission, which is exceptionally low. For that reason, I don’t favor you going with Amazon.  

Selling Own Digital Products  

You can cause individuals to pay to use your digital tool on a monthly basis; this technique can assist you with procuring and repeating acquisitions. You can fabricate your entire online business by utilizing this strategy. You simply need to work for one time, like you can make SEO tools like a keyword research instrument, a backlink checker, an authority checker, a picture blower, a word counter, and so on. 

In the event that you know how to code, building such devices is exceptionally simple. However, in the event that you don’t know how to code, you can purchase a tool script from Code Gully. What’s more, glue that content in your facilitation; you can’t make such tools in Blogger. This is only a thought; there are numerous different choices accessible; it relies upon your insight and innovativeness, like selling online courses or books, and so on. 

Selling your own digital item can make you $100,000 every month.  

Guest Posting  

After your blog begins getting natural traffic of up to 1000 visitors per day, you will begin getting requests from other blog proprietors or brands to permit them to post content on your blog. To get a backlink from your blog or traffic, they may likewise present content to attract clients and you can charge them cash to permit them to post or permit them to guest post. 

Some bloggers charge up to 1 crore for a single guest post, and you can likewise charge a decent, yet it depends on the nature of traffic you get your power, and the number of traffic you get consistently.  

Selling Ad Spaces  

 You can sell a specific gadget to any brand for a specific timeframe and charge them to show their ad. The decent thing about this technique is that you needn’t bother with any snaps. You simply need to show ads and get compensated monthly. However, before you can sell ad spaces, your site needs to get some traffic and your site should be ranking in list items. 

Since you need to let everyone know how much traffic you are getting and how many conversions your AdSense promotions are getting, and significantly more, at the point when your site begins getting traffic, you can charge to show advertisements, something like 99 dollars per month.   

Sponsored Post 

At the point when your blog has begun getting some traffic, most likely, quite possibly, a brand will reach out to you for advancement, and you can charge any amount you need. It depends on your site’s traffic and authority. And afterward, you can compose a post for advancing that brand, and you will get compensated for your sum. 

By using this acquiring technique, you can procure more than ads on the grounds that the acquiring potential is extremely high. A blogger in India typically earns 1 lakh per month from sponsored posts.   


Starting a blog via social media in India can be an extraordinary method for building a crowd of people, sharing your considerations and thoughts with the world, and bringing in cash online in India. 

By following the tips in this article, you can put yourself in a good position to enjoy the advantages of contributing to a blog.  

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