March 17, 2023
Places to visit near delhi within 250 kms

Places To Visit Near Delhi Within 250 Kms

There is no doubt that Delhi always rocks the world. Why I am saying so is not only because it is the national capital region of India but also contains a wide range of diverse places. But, sometimes, a trip takes more time what we expected before. In order to reduce quality time, & money, we should choose the attractions over the same route. In the wish-list¸ there are myriad routes in India but Delhi always demands on the top. There are several Places To Visit Near Delhi Within 250 Kms but all you need to know is the perfect guideIn this post, you can enjoy your journey in a single route. Experience some of Delhi’s most beautiful sights. A few of them are:     

List of best places to visit near Delhi within 250 kms

Pink City:

District: Jaipur |State: Rajasthan

Landmark: Statue Circle

Nearest Restaurant: Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, TGI Fridays

Basic station: Jaipur

Closest City to Jaipur: Jaipur

Trip Duration: 2 to 3 days

Best Season to visit: Nov-March

Peak Season: Dec-Jan

Jaipur WeatherIn Summer: Max Temp – 45°C & Min Temp – 19°C
                               In Winter: Max Temp – 21°C & Min Temp- 5°C

Pink City located at the distance of 240 km from Agra, 268 km from Delhi, 511 from Chandigarh, 652 km from Bhopal, 590 km from Lucknow, is the capital of Rajasthan. It considers as the 10th most prominent city in India. Jaipur is among the best places to visit near Delhi within 250 km. Pink City was formed in the year of 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh. There is a belief that pink city was India’s 1st planned city all over the world. It is believed that the construction of this city was started in 1727 and was finished in four years. In which they designed offices, major roads, & palaces. Such city was categorized into 9 blocks contains 2 state buildings & palaces, 7 residential cities. Pink City has been gaining so much attention right from people.

Taj Mahal, Agra:

District: Agra |State: Uttar Pradesh

Landmark: Assembly hall (left) or Mihman Khana and Taj Mahal mosque (right), the 2 almost similar buildings on either side.

Nearest Restaurant:  Joney’s Place, Shankara Vegas Restaurant

Basic station: Agra

Closest City to Agra: Agra

Trip Duration: Full 2-day

Best Season to visit: Oct-March

Peak Season: Dec-Jan & March-May.

Agra Weather: In Summer: Max Temp – 45°C & Min Temp – 22°C
                            In Winter: Max Temp – 20°C & Min Temp- 5°C

Taj Mahal

“Agra” is the home of the iconic mausoleum, the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal locates in Agra at a distance of 214 km from Delhi.  This immense mausoleum is the world’s top heritage site in the city of Agra can see from the assembly hall located nearby in Yamuna bank. Taj Mahal was established between 1631 & 1648 —& named under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taj Mahal is designed with intricately carved white marbles to amplify the beatitude of visitors. Agra regards as the most romantic mausoleum in all over the world. “Taj Mahal” is being visited by millions of visitors on the daily basis. It is the high-demanding place to visit near Delhi under 250 km.     

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District: Dehradun |State: Uttarakhand

Landmark: SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre, Camel’s Back Road

Nearest Restaurant:  Funjabi Tandoorzzz, Urban Turban Bistro

Basic station: Mussoorie

Closest City to Agra: Delhi (277 kms), Dehradun (33 kms)

Trip Duration: Full 2-day

Best Season to visit: April-June, Sept-Nov

Peak Season:  April-May & Sept-Oct

Mussorie Weather: In Summer: Max Temp – 24°C & Min Temp – 14°C
                                    In Winter: Max Temp – 12°C & Min Temp- 2°C

Mussoorie locates at a distance of 33 km from Dehradun, 278 km from Delhi. Mussoorie situates at the top of the horseshoe crest of the Garhwal Mountains. The altitude presents at 1880m from the bottom of the ground. It is covered with scenic Himalayas & Doon valleys. Mussoorie is a greater source of natural abundance. Do you know that the first Tibetan school was established in the year of 1960 by Mussoorie? So, experience the best place to visit near Delhi under 250 km here. Give your best shot!  


Are you looking for a visit near Delhi under 250 Kms? If it is so, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will come to know the best places to visit near Delhi under 250 kms in a single route.  To kick-start the tour, you don’t need to ask anybody. All you need to nail it is to give a full read to our daily articles. Since doing so, you may connect our experienced travel guides through emailing, query form, live chat, chat tutorial, audio chat, video chat, FAQ, or Q & A community.       

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